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Powder coating shop

A new element in our company's offer is a powder coating service.

Main field of application is manufacture of different parts and products used in automotive industry. We manufacture serial products for automobile assembly shops and also execute unique purchase orders of steel profile products: elements bent and welded of tubes, T-bars, angles etc.

Fully automatic powder coating line enables us to paint:
Maximum sizes of powder coated parts: 1200/2000/400.

Before powder coating each surface must be chemically prepared and washed properly. Supervision and control of the washing department is executed by Company Henkel during audits (with repeatedly positive results of Salt Fog Test according to EN ISO 9227). The powder coating process is controlled by a corona type application.

For powder coating we use powder paints according to RAL catalogue, supplied by automotive industry suppliers: JOTUN, NABER and TEKNOS.
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